From the Advising Chair Emeritus

Advising Chair Emeritus
Gregory TOSEN
(South Africa)

The world is changing at a spectacular rate and what is undoubtedly apparent is that the energy sector is undergoing substantial transformations, from both the supply and demand side perspective. The rapid rate of technological progress from smart, self-healing, knowledge based systems and artificial intelligence and the plethora new and innovative cost effective technologies are having a substantial and significant impact on our traditional utility business.

However, what is clear is that the requirements of tomorrow is going to substantially different from today and the role of IERE needs to adapt and seek new ways to continuously meet the needs of its members.

It is my firm belief that the IERE, with one of its prime objectives being“to be the unique global platform for exchanging technologies in electric power and promoting international cooperation in order to solve common issues" is taking an important step forward in realizing its role with respect to the changing future.

The IERE celebrated its 50th Anniversary in 2018, and the renewed IERE is vastly different from the past, with a more focused approach on technology sharing within global interconnectivity framework.

Electricity and in particular technology development, innovation, and leadership around electricity, is playing a profound role in assisting society in grasping the opportunities ("more electricity") and managing and considering the threats“climate change and environmental and social degradation". The concept of the "Circular Economy" in terms of energy requirements and environmental preservation is more critical today than ever before, and I believe the role of the IERE will play a substantial role and understanding of appropriate technologies.

The need to understand the challenges that face our business over the next decades is an imperative, and the sharing of knowledge, experiences, successes, and failures will indeed go a long way in framing the technology roadmap of the future.

It is with a great sense of honour that I am able to serve the ideals and values of the IERE as the Advising Chair Emeritus. The IERE has accomplished a great deal over the last 50 years or so, and I believe the sound foundation that the IERE has created, has paved a clear and an exciting path for our future and for the benefit of our members.

Gregory TOSEN
IERE Advising Chair Emeritus