From the Chair

MINO Yoshiaki
(CRIEPI, Japan)

Even though political and economic situation of the world are changing rapidly, it is absolutely necessary to accelerate the activities to carbon neutral. On the other hand, resilient and affordable supply of electricity have to be achieved though the sustainable development of electric power sector. Situation is different from country to country, and there would be various methods and ways to these goals. That is why mutual understanding and exchange information of novel ideas and technologies are quite important.

IERE is a unique global platform to exchange technical expertise and know-how of advanced and appropriate technologies and research and development. IERE’s annual workshop and forum offer the excellent opportunities for this purpose. In addition, IERE promote joint research, detailed study about selected technologies through the technology foresight project and webinars on interesting topics. These activities are quite valuable to get deeper knowledge and different ideas, to know each other well, and to foster close relation among members.

It is my great honor and pleasure to have the opportunity to serve IERE as the Chair. Together with the board members and the central office, I will do my best to make IERE more valuable for all members. Please attend IERE activities. I am looking forward to discussing and collaborating with you all.

MINO Yoshiaki
IERE Chair