The 2nd IERE Webinar—Sustainable Emerging Technologies 2020

November 17, 2020

Lecture by ENGIE (France)

Zoom webinar

Open to the public: Presentation files can be downloaded.



Sustainable Emerging Technologies 2020

Dr. Jan Mertens, Chief Science Officer, ENGIE, France

Dr. Elodie Le Cadre Loret, Lead Scientific Advisor, ENGIE, France

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More Information

ENGIE's report "Emerging Sustainable Technologies" has been updated for 2020 edition. Ten selected technologies are introduced in the report. In this webinar, however, only four out of the 10 selected technologies are lectured. Therefore, the presentation slide only describes the four technologies.

The full version of the report with all 10 technologies is available below. In addition, the purpose of this report (interview with Dr. Jan Mertens, ENGIE's Chief Scientific Officer) can be found below.

ENGIE's 2020 Report

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Dr. Mertens' Interview Page

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