About Us

What is IERE

IERE is a worldwide, non-profit organization - established in 1968 as International Electric Research Exchange - serving for executives, senior managers, engineers, and researchers who are responsible for electricity and energy related R&D and Solutions.

They represent :

- electricity & energy supply industry

- equipment providers business

- academic research

- government


To be a Global Platform of Electric R&D, Technology Development and Deployment where members of IERE can exchange and share cutting-edge research and technologies, thereby promoting international cooperation and assuring the development of secure and affordable electricity supply in every country, IERE is aware of "Technology Management" as a concept which we should bear in mind in carrying out the following IERE missions.


  • Evaluate innovative and emerging technologies and their implementation
  • Help establish corporate strategy related to R&D under changing business climate
  • Facilitate technology transfer from developed economies to developing economies

Action Plan

  • Share information amongst IERE members on innovative & strategic topics as well as on R&D infrastructures
  • Support electric and environmental technology innovations and practices with Forums and Workshops in developed and developing regions
  • Promote technology transfer through Technological Issues and Solution (TIS) Activities
  • Contribute to raising interests and numbers of future young Engineers in Electricity Industry field
  • Increase the electric R&D profile with strategic partnerships such as UN/ECOSOC, EURELECTRIC, VGB PowerTech, IEA-CCC, GTSJ, JCOAL and VDI Wissensforum

From Officers



Mr. Gregory Tosen
PIESA, South Africa

Vice Chair

Dr. Jeanne Ng
CLPRI, Hong Kong SAR

Advising Chair Emeritus

Mr. Roger Ballay


Mr. Yoshiaki Mino
Secretary General

Secretary General

Dr. Takao Watanabe
IERE Central Office, Japan » Message here