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Privacy Policy

IERE, in accordance with this Privacy Policy, protects and manages personal information collected for its business activities or service provision. Provided, however, that this Privacy Policy does not apply to the Individual Numbers and the Specific Personal Information under the "Act on the Use of Numbers to Identify a Specific Individual in Administrative Procedures" of Japan.

(1) Collection, use and provision of personal information
IERE collects personal information by fair means and uses it within the scope of the purpose of use (i.e., IERE’s business activities, and provision of, confirmation of and billing for its services, and provision of information related thereto). IERE will not share personal information with any specific person or provide it to any third party without approval of the principal of the personal information in advance.
(2) Proper management of personal information
IERE manages personal information by taking security measures to prevent loss, destruction, falsification, leakage, etc., of personal information.
(3) Compliance with laws, regulations, etc., concerning personal information
IERE complies with laws, regulations, etc., concerning the protection of personal information.
(4) Outsourcing of personal information handling
IERE may outsource the handling of personal information in the course of business operations, in which case IERE will provide strict supervision by concluding contracts necessary for ensuring proper handling of personal information.
(5) Disclosure, correction, deletion, etc. of personal information
IERE will respond accordingly to any request from the principal of the personal information to disclose, correct, delete or suspend use (including provision to a third party) of his/her personal information, or to disclose records of provision to a third party. Such requests can be made through Inquiries below.
(6) Maintenance and improvement of the protection of personal information
In order to properly handle personal information, IERE will disseminate relevant rules and regulations to its officers and other employees and educate them, and continuously improve its system for protecting personal information.
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