Towards a Carbon Neutral Energy Future

The carbon neutral energy future is our ultimate goal, but our transition still remains challenging. Most of the countries across the world are stepping up their efforts to tackle it. In this webinar, four IERE members from each region (France, USA, Australia and Japan) will present the path to achieving carbon neutrality in their respective countries/regions from various aspects of technology, economics, policy, strategy, etc.

Nov.18 7:30(UTC) updated
Open to the Public (This Time)

This is our fourth web event for all the IERE members. In this time, the webinar is open to all applicants from all over the world.

In this webinar, lectures on "towards a carbon neutrality" will be presented by Dr. Jan Mertens (ENGIE), Dr. Timothy Allison (SwRI), Dr. Daniel Roberts (CSIRO) and Dr. Koji Nagano (CRIEPI).

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Dr. Jeanne Ng

IERE Chair
Hong Kong SAR



Dr. Jan Mertens

Chief Science Officer, ENGIE

Jan Mertens is ENGIE's Chief Scientific Officer (CSO) co-building ENGIE's long term vision on technologies, identifying key international research players on selected emerging technologies and initiating partnerships. Jan is also visiting Professor at the University of Ghent in the domain of sustainable electricity generation.



Dr. Timothy Allison

Director, Machinery Department, Mechanical Engineering Division, SwRI

Dr. Allison leads the Machinery Department at Southwest Research Institute, which performs applied research in machinery and power systems for the oil and gas, propulsion, and electric power, and other machinery industries.
His research interests include advanced energy systems, thermal-mechanical-chemical energy storage, turbomachinery design and testing, oxy-combustion, instrumentation and control, blade and impeller dynamics, valve dynamics, finite element analysis, system identification, condition monitoring, and advanced signal processing methods.

>> SwRI


Dr. Daniel Roberts

Research Program Director, CSIRO

Daniel is the Research Director for CSIRO's Energy Technologies program. This is a portfolio of collaborative, industry-focused RD&D across a range of low-emissions energy technologies including hydrogen, solar, bioenergy, CO2 capture and use, energy storage, and alternative fuels.
Daniel has held a range of project leadership and research management roles in CSIRO with a focus on hydrogen, bioenergy, and low-emissions energy systems, and has over 25 years research experience in gasification and its applications, having worked on research projects domestically and internationally.



Dr. Koji Nagano

Associate Vice President, CRIEPI

Koji Nagano is the Associate Vice President for CRIEPI's Planning Group. His research interests include Energy Policy, Nuclear Fuel Cycle Technology Analysis, Energy Security.


  • Program

    November 18, 2021 11:00AM–1:00PM (UTC),

    • 11:00–11:05 (UTC) Opening, About IERE webinar
      Dr. Takao Watanabe
      IERE Secretary General
    • 11:05–11:10 (UTC) Introduction
      Dr. Jeanne Ng
      IERE Chair, Moderator
    • 11:10–11:30 (UTC) Loving the Alien:
      CO2 deserves our affection
      but save a seat
      for some other surprising climate change allies
      Dr. Jan Mertens
      Chief Science Officer, ENGIE, France
    • 11:30–11:50 (UTC) Decreasing the Cost and Risk
      of Decarbonization Pathways
      through Technology Development
      Dr. Timothy Allison
      Director, Machinery Department,
      Mechanical Engineering Division, SwRI, USA
    • 11:50–12:00 (UTC) Questions & Answers
    • 12:00–12:20 (UTC) R&D supporting
      Australia's energy transition
      Dr. Daniel Roberts
      Research Program Director, CSIRO, Australia
    • 12:20–12:40 (UTC) The Challenge to Carbon Neutrality in 2050
      -Issues for Japan and CRIEPI's Undertaking-
      Dr. Koji Nagano
      Associate Vice President, Planning Group, CRIEPI, Japan
    • 12:40–12:55 (UTC) Questions & Answers
    • 12:55–13:00 (UTC) Closing
      Dr. Takao Watanabe
      IERE Secretary General
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    UTC +1:0012:00–2:00 PM Amsterdam, Brussel, Essen, Johannesburg, Paris
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    UTC +9:008:00–10:00 PM Seoul, Tokyo
    UTC +10:009:00–11:00 PM Brisbane
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