The 21st IERE General Meeting and 3rd IERE Webinar

Key Technologies in the Next Chapter of the Energy Transition

October 19, 2021, Webex

Organized by IERE

The 21st IERE General Meeting and 3rd IERE Webinar October 19, 2021

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Dr. Takao Watanabe, IERE Secretary General


IERE General Meeting Session:
Dr. Jeanne Ng, IERE Chair


Webinar Session:
Mr. Yuan-Sheng Yu, Lux Research, Inc.

Q&A SessionThe day was filled with many questions and a lively Q&A session.

Watch the Video on the web for the detailed discussions!

Typical Discussions in the Q&A Session

  • Despite the fact that nuclear power continues to contribute as a carbon-free base load, it seems to be ignored. What do you think?
  • What is the most competitive energy storage technology for power system application in the next ten years?
  • Who will contribute to the AUS$25 billion cost of DC transmission between Australia and Singapore, and how?
  • In power storage, the battery service providers/manufacturers might provide maintenance or recycling service for the battery. What roles can power companies take in the recycling as well as in second-life battery business?
  • Are there any general geographical sort of market type of trends from the key technologies for the energy transition? What kind of trends are you going to see from a regional angle or regional perspective?