5th IERE Webinar on AI Collaboration Project

March 24, 2022

Organized by IERE

5th IERE Webinar on AI Collaboration Project Mar. 24, 2022

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Moderator, Dr. Cheuk Wing Lee


Lecture by Mr. Edward Kam Wong Chan


Lecture by Dr. Teruhisa Miura


Lecture by Mr. Qipei Zhang and Mr. Jixiang Lu


Lecture by Mr. Masaya Oirase

Q&A — Typical QuestionsThe day was filled with many questions and a lively Q&A session.

Watch the Video on the web for the detailed discussions!

(W-1) Defect detection of high voltage electric transmission insulators

  • In this presentation, you showed us in the case of electric transmission insulators. Is StyleGan2 used elsewhere in electric utilities?
  • Did you examine another approach apart from StyleGen2 (deep learning)?

(W-2) Detection of abnormal signs in hydropower plants

  • Could you comment further on (i) the kinds of anomalies that you studied and (ii) the relative importance of the anomalies that you were able to detect. For example, were you able to detect the most serious troubles?
  • How many troubles have been observed in 10 years?

(W-3) Short term load forecasting

  • During data processing, how do you treat outliers in the loading dataset?
  • Do covid pandemic affects the accuracy of your AI? Assuming you are using data pre-pandemic.
  • You mention the challenge of including "extreme events." Is it possible to include these probabilistically.

(W-4) Optimum Pole Transformer Capacity

  • What AI method did you use? How much economic benefit can you expect from these results? You mentioned that you are considering an alternative approach in future work, what is it like?
  • Do you consider the day type, such as working day or holiday ? it will be impact human power consumption behavior and load peak as well.