Upcoming Events & Topics - Information from Members and Partners

May. 2022
"Hydrogen and a Carbon Neutral Future" Technology Today, Spring 2022 – SwRI
Apr. 2022
AI and Electric Power Summit
Enabling the Energy Transformation - EPRI
- Oct. 4-6, 2022
Apr. 2022
Emerging Sustainable Technologies—2021 Edition - ENGIE
June 2021
"Energy up above, down below": special issue, Pour La Science - ENGIE
June 2021
"Why the carbon neutral energy transition will imply the use of lots of carbon?"
Feb. 2021
"PIESA Electric Utility Management webinar" - Feb. 24–Mar. 8, 2021
Dec. 2020
Emerging Sustainable Technologies: Replaced with 2020 Edition -ENGIE
July 2020
"Technology Innovation -Prospectus 2019-" from EPRI
June 2020
"One-Page on EPRI Overall" posted
June 2020
Emerging Sustainable Technologies –2019 version of ENGIE's technology watch-" posted
June 2020
EPRI Webcast on Pandemic-Resilient and Sustainable Transmission and Distribution (T&D) Systems: New Supplemental Project (Webcast for free)
- June 25, 2020 8:00 PM-9:00 PM (UTC-05:00) Eastern Time (US & Canada)
Nov. 2019
The 12th International Gas Turbine Congress (IGTC2019 Tokyo)
Apr. 2019
IFRF's Hydrogen blog series