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  • Outline

    October 28

    • 18:00 - 20:30 Registration and Welcome Reception

    October 29

    The 2019 General Meeting and PIESA-IERE South Africa Forum (Day 1)

    • 08:30 - 09:00 Registration
    • 09:00 - 11:45 Opening and Forenoon Sessions
    • 11:45 - 13:25 Lunch
    • 13:25 - 18:30 Afternoon Sessions
    • 19:00 - 21:30 Conference Dinner

    October 30

    The 2019 General Meeting and PIESA-IERE South Africa Forum (Day 2)

    • 08:00 - 11:50 Forenoon Sessions
    • 11:50 - 13:30 Lunch
    • 13:30 - 17:05 Afternoon Sessions and Plenary Conclusion Session

    October 31

    Safari Tour (optional)

    • Around 6:30 Departure at Suncity Hotel
    • Around 10:00 Return to Suncity Hotel
  • Program

    Welcome ReceptionOct. 28, 2019 18:00 - 20:30
    Plenary SessionOct. 29, 2019 09:00 - 10:30
    Opening Address Mr. Gregory Tosen (IERE Chair)
    Welcome Address Eng Bukosi Siso (Chairman, PIESA)
    Keynote Address Eng. Dr Alfred Kaponda (ESCOM, Malawi & PIESA Board member)
    The use smart technologies to mitigate revenue collection challenges especially in African electricity distribution utilities
    Prof. Dr. Jan Mertens (Chief Scientific Officer, ENGIE Research, ENGIE, Belgium)
    Sustainability of (renewable) electricity production
    General SessionOct. 29, 2019 11:00 - 11:45
    The report of IERE activities Mr. Gregory Tosen (IERE Chair)
    The report of PIESA Activities and TIS Mr. Vally Padayachee (Executive Officer, PIESA, South Africa)
    Methanol Ageing Marker Project (Phase 2) Prof. Dr. Jan Mertens (Chief Scientific Officer, ENGIE Research, ENGIE, Belgium)
    Technical Session (Day 1)Oct. 29, 2019 13:25 - 18:30
    Session 1
    Theme: Evolving 4IR technologies and its effect on the customer

    There is no doubt digital transformation has blurred the line between man and machine, but in the process, it has also created countless opportunities to engage and assist customers. As the Fourth Industrial Revolution continues to evolve, the key to business success will be evolving simultaneously in order to provide a revolutionary customer experience. IoT, for example, is in the early stages of maturity, and most customers have yet to unlock the full potential and functionality of connected devices. Potential topics include:

    • Disruptive technologies
    • The internet of things (IoT)
    • Artificial intelligence (AI)
    • Advanced robotics
    • Distributed manufacturing

    Chair person: Dr. Jie Huang (Deputy manager, Senior Engineer, New Technology Department, NARI Group Corporation, China)

    • 13:25 - 13:50 Dr. Hongsheng Xu (Senior Engineer, NARI Research Institute, NARI Group Corporation, China)
      An Instance Segmentation and Depth Perception based Obstacle Detection and Distance Measurement Method on Substation Patrol Robot
    • 13:50 - 14:15 Mr. Ji Qiao (Engineer, Artificial Intelligence Application Research Department, CEPRI, China)
      Application and Development of Artificial Intelligence in Power Equipment State Evaluation and Maintenance
    • 14:15 - 14:40 Mr. Franco Pucci (STS Association, South Africa)
      TID Rollover
    • 14:40 - 15:05 Mr. Harry Indrawan (Manager, R&D Energy and Power Plant, PT. PLN (Persero) Reseach Institute, Indonesia)
      Readiness Index for Indonesian Power Plant toward Industry 4.0
    • 15:05 - 15:30 Mr. Keith Katyora (Electrical Engineer, Aurecon, South Africa)
      Artificial Intelligence for the Detection of Electricity Theft and Irregular Power Usage in the African Electricity market
    Session 2
    Theme: Asset Management - let's get smart about it

    Distribution power companies are subject to increasing quality, safety and environmental constraints that, in a highly competitive arena, call for the maximization of asset reliability, efficiency and flexibility, while operation and maintenance costs are reduced. To this end distribution energy companies are adopting an intelligent asset management approach to asset management. Smart or intelligent asset management is a cutting-edge technology that is being increasingly adopted by various industries, and with future inclusion of Industrial Internet of Things (“IIOT”), it is deemed as a sheer necessity in a manufacturing facility where downtime / slowdown affects the bottom line results. Potential topics include:

    • Smart intelligent systems for effective asset management
    • Smart asset management systems
    • Cyber physical systems
    • Big Data, Cloud Computing and M2M communication.
    • Industrial Internet of Things (“IIOT”)

    Chair person: Mr. Hans-Jürgen Behnke (POA External Operation & Maintenance, Business Development & Sales, RWE TI, Germany)

    • 16:00 - 16:25 Mr. Hans-Jürgen Behnke (POA External Operation & Maintenance, Business Development & Sales, RWE TI, Germany)
      Current market developments and their effects on asset flexibilities
    • 16:25 - 16:50 Mr. Min-Hee Choi (Senior Researcher, Digital Solution Lab., KEPCO RI, Korea)
      A Real-world Dataset for Automatic Visual Diagnosis of Power Transmission lines
    • 16:50 - 17:15 Mr. Yuya Manabe (Senior Researcher, Electric Power R&D Center, R&D Division, Chubu EPCO, Japan)
      Application of RFID System for Managing Repair Parts of Underground Power Cables and Accessories
    • 17:15 - 17:40 Mr. Gi-Dae Oh (Senior Researcher, Smart Power Distribution Laboratory, KEPCO RI, Korea)
      4IR technologies Application on KEPCO Power Distribution equipment maintenance
    • 17:40 - 18:05 Dr. Keyan Liu (Manager, Power Distribution Department, CEPRI, China)
      High Efficiency Status Evaluation for Main Equipments based on Cyber Physical Systems in Distribution Network
    • 18:05 - 18:30 Mr. Kobus De Villiers (Managing Director, Reinhausen, South Africa)
      MR_System Solutions for Asset Management
    Technical Session (Day 2)Oct. 30, 2019 08:00 - 16:55
    Session 3
    Theme: Distributed Renewable Energy Technologies: Are we ready?

    At the distribution level, increasing numbers of renewables and Distribution Energy resources (“DERs”) in general present a host of issues. One of the major challenges is that distribution system operators must transition from managing the safety and reliability of a system with a limited number of energy producers and unidirectional and predictable flow from substations to customers to a system with power flows from many sources at varying times of day and in different directions. These changes mean not only greater operational complexity, but also more complex maintenance and emergency operations. The result will be needed modifications in the design and operation of the distribution system and investments in new or upgraded circuits as well as additional tools, sensors and communication systems. Potential topics include:

    • Impact of DER's on a utility's revenues
    • Evolving business models to accommodate increasing ingress of renewables on a utility's business
    • The need for an effective regulatory environment to accommodate DER's
    • Funding of renewable energy technologies
    • Safe grid integration of DER's

    Chair person: Dr. Tomohiko Ikeya (Associate Vice President, Materials Science Research Laboratory, CRIEPI, Japan)

    • 08:00 - 08:25 Dr. Tomohiko Ikeya (Associate Vice President, Materials Science Research Laboratory, CRIEPI, Japan)
      Secondary battery energy storage systems for enabling use of renewable energy to realize a zero-CO2-emission society
    • 08:25 - 08:50 Dr. Felix Cebulla (Senior Expert, Corporate Technology, Strategy &Technology, innogy SE, Germany)
      The future of infrastructure: Challenges & opportunities for utility companies
    • 08:50 - 09:15 Dr. Desmond Ighravwe (University of Johannesburg, South Africa)
      Development a System Dynamic Model for Utilities Revenue Evaluation under Distributed Energy Resources
    • 09:15 - 09:40 Mr. Dimas Bangun Fiddiansyah (Division Project Management Office (PMO) & Manager of Project Management and Integration for Sumatera Projects, PT. PLN (Persero), Indonesia)
      The Grid Interconnection Study of Renewable Energy in the Distribution system to ensure Safe Grid Integration: Case Study of PV Grid Connected in Indonesia
    • 09:40 - 10:05 Mr. Seong Jegarl (Director & Chief Researcher, Renewable Energy Research Group, KEPCO RI, Korea)
      Status and Future of Renewable Energy Technology Development and Application in KEPCO
    Session 4
    Theme: Advanced distribution automation in the 4IR era

    The goal of Advanced Distribution Automation (“ADA”) is real-time adjustment to changing loads, generation, and failure conditions of the distribution system, usually without operator intervention. This necessitates control of field devices, which implies enough information technology (IT) development to enable automated decision making in the field and relaying of critical information to the utility control centre. The IT infrastructure includes real-time data acquisition and communication with utility databases and other automated systems. Accurate modelling of distribution operations supports optimal decision making at the control centre and in the field. In the era of the 4IR we are going to see a significant convergence of Operating Technologies (“OT”) and Information Technologies (“IT”) underpinned by smart communications to achieve the goal of ADA. Potential topics include:

    • Data preparation and analytics
    • Computer-aided simulation
    • Distribution operation model and analysis
    • Fault location, isolation, and service restoration
    • Advanced Voltage and Var Control

    Chair person: Mr. Seong Jegarl (Director, Renewable Energy Research Group, KEPCO RI, Korea)

    • 10:35 - 11:00 Rotimi Agbebi (Specialist Engineer (Control and Automation), Siemens, South Africa)
      Plant simulation, visualization and control platform based on OPC and Simatic WinCC
    • 11:00 - 11:25 Mr. Hideo Koseki (Senior Research Scientist, System Engineering Research Laboratory, CRIEPI, Japan)
      Improvement of Power system Analysis Tools (CPAT) for planning, operation and control/protection studies under a large penetration of photovoltaic generations
    • 11:25 - 11:50 Dimas Bangun Fiddiansyah (Division Project Management Office (PMO) & Manager of Project Management and Integration for Sumatera Projects, PT. PLN (Persero), Indonesia)
      Mr. Job Syam (Division Information Technology System & Manager of IT Development in Transmission, Distribution and Customer Service, PT. PLN (Persero), Indonesia)
      The Implementation of Smart Asset Management System to Monitor the Health Index of Power Distribution Assets: Case Study of PLN’s EAM in Indonesia
    Session 5
    Theme: 4IR's impact on revenue collection and non-technical losses

    The revenue model on which utility businesses are based on is under threat from the shifting industry norms. The 4th industrial revolution is underway and already utilities are witness to digitalisation, decarbonisation and decentralisation - all affecting their traditional revenue collection strategies and non-technical losses mitigation approaches. Potential topics include:

    • Smart meters
    • Evolving business models
    • Deflection of customers from the grid
    • Impact of Distributed energy resources on a utilities revenue
    • Innovative tariff models

    Chair person: Mr. Vally Padayachee (Executive Officer, PIESA, South Africa)

    • 13:30 - 13:55 Mr. Vally Padayachee (Executive Officer, PIESA, South Africa)
      The Impact of the 4IR on the electricity distribution utility business
    • 13:55 - 14:20 Ms. Astri Kartika El Nur (IT Strategy Manager, ICT Division, PT. PLN (Persero), Indonesia)
      Security Testing for Preventing Backdoor Threat in Smart meter Implementation in Indonesia
    • 14:20 - 14:45 Dr. Jie Huang (Deputy Manager, R&D Section, NARI Group Corporation, China)
      Carbon Market Risk Analysis & Defense based on Hybrid Simulation - a Perspective from Cyber Physical Social Systems in Energy
    • 14:45 - 15:10 Mr. Keith Katyora (Electrical Engineer, Aurecon, South Africa)
      Modelling and Analysis of a competitive Electricity Market for South Africa (and the rest of the continent)
    • 15:10 - 15:40 Coffee Break
    • 15:40 - 16:05 Ms. Poonam Lutchman (Solution Architect - Digital Power Solutions, Schneider Electric, South Africa)
      Incorporating Embedded Generation onto Municipal Networks
    • 16:05 - 16:30 Rens Bindeman (Technical Advisor, SARPA, South Africa)
      Is the technological revolution opening up new avenues for rogue entities to exploit?
    • 16:30 - 16:55 Harold Hayes (Global Head - Utility Business Solutions, Smart Energy, Landis+Gyr (Pty) Ltd)
      Pilot project, migration of an in-home common base prepayment metering solution to a spilt pre-payment smart metering online solution
    Closing RemarksOct. 30, 2019 16:55 - 17:05

    Eng. Bukhosi Siso (Chairman, PIESA)

    Dr. Takao Watanabe (Secretary General, IERE Central Office)

  • Optional Safari Tour

    Oct. 31 06:30 - 10:00
    • Around 06:30 Departure at Suncity Hotel
    • Around 10:00 Return to Suncity Hotel
    • Time schedule may be changed.
    • Please register and finish payment by September 27 with Forum registration.

    Reference WEBSITE from Mankwe GAME TRACKERS

    Activity Description

    Gametrackers invites you to discover the awe-inspiring beauty and serenity of the Pilanesberg National Park. Embark on one of our 3 hour Scheduled Game Drives with a registered field guide who will convey extensive knowledge on the park and its inhabitants. These game drives will be conducted in 25-seater open vehicles with other guests. Pilanesberg National Park is Malaria free and accommodates virtually every mammal of Southern Africa including the "Big Five" (namely Lion, Leopard, Rhino, Elephant & Buffalo)


    • Duration:
      3 hours
    • When:
      Seven days a week, all year round.
    • Where:
      Gametrackers Desk- situated in the Welcome Centre at Sun City Resort.
    • Weather:
      No weather restrictions.
      Activity will always go out even if it rains.
    • What to Wear:
      Comfortable outdoor clothing. Always bring a jacket/jersey along, and for the cooler winter months (May to August) a beanie/scarf and gloves also recommended.
    • Things to Bring:
      We recommend that you bring beverages, binoculars and camera.
    • Guests or Spectators:
      All guests to be at the departure point, 15 minutes prior to the scheduled departure time.
    • Inclusions:
      This service includes a guided tour through the Pilanesberg National Park with a registered field guide.
      Duration of the Game Drive: ±3 hours
    • Exclusions:
      Beverages are excluded from this service. Guests are welcome to bring their own beverages.

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