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Abstract Submission: No later than July 23, 2023 September 8, 2023

You are kindly invited to submit abstracts for the Oral Session or Poster Session for the Singapore Forum by e-mail.

Session Themes submit to :
Session 1.
How to Accelerate Learning by Doing?

[Please substitute "(at)" with "@"]

Session 2.
Making Business Out of It
Session 3.
Transversal Enablers
Session 4.
Regulatory & Public Acceptance
Session 5.
Green Molecules
Session 6.
Circularity & Energy Efficiency
Session 7.
Renewable Energy & Electrification
Session 8.
Flexibility of the Energy System

Speakers are requested to submit their presentation (PowerPoint) file.

  • * Session structure is subject to change according to the submission of contributions.
  • * There is a possibility we ask you to change from Oral Session to Poster Session in accordance with the number of submission of abstracts.
  • * Abstract will be posted the IERE website and open to the public.
  • * The official language of the IERE Forum is English.

Submission Items & Deadline

  • For Presentation

    Speakers are requested to contact IERE Central Office by e-mail. Deadline of submission items for speakers is as follows:

    Items Deadline Details submit to:
    1. Format 2: Abstract September 8, 2023

    [Please substitute "(at)" with "@"]

    2. Format 3: Speaker's Information October 1, 2023
    3. Format 4: Copyright Permission October 1, 2023
    4. Presentation Slides (PowerPoint file) October 1, 2023
    • * Presentation file will be uploaded to IERE website and opened to all participants before the forum.
    • * The official language of the IERE Forum is English.
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