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Sustainable Emerging Technologies 2020

The carbon neutral energy transition remains challenging, but we are convinced, that technological advances will be part of the solution. In this webinar, we present topical areas that we think will offer non-trivial benefits and impacts on this transition.

Open to the Public (This Time)

This is our second web event for all the IERE members. In this time, the webinar is open to all applicants from all over the world.

In this webinar, lectures about sustainable emerging technologies will be presented from an IERE board member Dr. Jan Mertens of Engie, France, and his colleague Dr. Elodie Le Cadre Loret.

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Not only IERE members but anyone who are interested in the lecture at this IERE webinar can join for FREE of charge. Your participation is very welcome. Please join us and discover the new perspectives.
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Dr. Jan Mertens

Chief Science Officer, ENGIE

Jan Mertens is ENGIE's Chief Scientific Officer (CSO) co-building ENGIE's long term vision on technologies, identifying key international research players on selected emerging technologies and initiating partnerships. Jan is also visiting Professor at the University of Ghent in the domain of sustainable electricity generation.



Dr. Elodie Le Cadre Loret

Lead Scientific Advisor, ENGIE

Dr. Elodie Le Cadre Loret is Lead Scientific Officer in the Scientific Department of ENGIE. She manages key international partnerships and is in charge of technology watch on new emerging technologies that she promotes in and out ENGIE. She holds a PhD in Energy Economics from University Nanterre Paris La Défense and AgroParisTech (2012) and is engineer in Agronomy. After 4 years position in the Innovation Department of the main French investment fund in biofuel, Elodie joined the Strategy Department of ENGIE in 2012. Then she had various positions at the research center CRIGEN, ENGIE from 2015 to 2019. She was responsible for the research on environmental economics and manage national R&D projects on digitalization of biogas units and biomass supply chain. In June 2019, she joined ENGIE corporate research department to be lead scientific advisor.
Her main research topics are related to biomass, biogas, environment and economics. Since 2012, Elodie is also teaching at IFP School, engineering schools of ISARA and Chimie Paris on the economics of bioenergies.




Dr. Takao Watanabe

Secretary General

  • Outline of the Lecture

    The carbon neutral energy transition remains challenging, but we are convinced that technological advances will be part of the solution. In its Energy Technology Perspectives 2020, the IEA shows that 75 % of the required CO2 emission reduction must come from technologies that are today not mature. It is extremely hard to predict next technology breakthroughs but, in this document, we present topical areas that we think will offer non-trivial benefits and impacts on this transition.

    Investment in the development of these new ‘sustainable’ technologies is required and collaboration between public organizations and private organizations required.

    The energy transition will be an ‘AND’ story along two axes:

    (i) we will need many emerging ‘sustainable’ technologies; there is not one that has the potential to overcome the challenge alone


    (ii) the challenge is too large to overcome alone as a person/company/sector, we must collaborate.

    The presentation has little pretention apart from inspiring its audience and calling for collaboration.

  • Program

    Program (GMT+1:00)

    • 9:00–9:05
      Opening Address, About IERE webinar
      Dr. Takao Watanabe
      IERE Secretary General
    • 9:05–9:40
      Sustainable Emerging Technologies 2020
      Dr. Jan Mertens and Dr. Elodie Le Cadre Loret
      Chief Science Officer, ENGIE
      Lead Scientific Advisor, ENGIE
    • 9:40–9:55 Questions & Answers
    • 9:55–10:00
      Closing Remarks, About IERE webinar
      Dr. Takao Watanabe
      IERE Secretary General
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