2017 IERE-TNB Putrajaya Workshop (Day 2)

Technologies reshaping the electricity supply industry

Nov. 20–23, 2017 Putrajaya, Malaysia

Keynote Addresses


Decentralization and Cooperative Management in Electric Energy System

Prof. Hideo Ishii, Secretary General, Advanced Collaborative Research Organization for Smart Society (ACROSS), Waseda University, Japan

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Session3 : Next generation operating model for the digital world

Chair : Dr. Zainul Asri Mamat, Managing Director, TNB Research, Malaysia


Direct Load Analysis and Modeling System

Mr. Azlan Abdul Rahim, Head of Unit, Utility Automation Unit, TNB Research, Malaysia

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Operation Big Data based Failure Probability Assessment for Risk Based Maintenance of Fossil Power Boiler Tube

Mr. Myungsoo Park, Senior Researcher, Clean Power Generation Lab., KEPCO RI, Korea

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Development of Metrology for Digital Measurement Technology in SGCC

Mr. Zili Xu, R&D Senior Engineer, Metrology Department, China EPRI, China

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R&D of energy Internet of Things in Korea -Towards KEPCO IoT technology-

Ms. Myung-hye Park, General Researcher, Smart Power Distribution Lab., KEPCO RI, Korea

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How to Promote Energy Conservation Behaviors based on Smart Meter Data Analytics: Case Studies on Energy Advice Reports for Residential and Commercial Customers

Dr. Hidenori Komatsu, Research Scientist, Energy Innovation Center, CRIEPI, Japan

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Session4 : Enabling technologies & Others

Chair : Dr. Wenpeng Luan, China EPRI, China


Effect factors of sandstorm on insulator and hardware damage of power transmissions in deserts

Dr. & Prof. Chaohai Zhang, Chief Scientist, Wuhan Nari, NARI Group, China

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A Dynamic Optimization Sizing Tool for Waste Heat Recovery-Gas Turbine Inlet Cooling

Mr. Saiful Adilin Bin Shokri, Researcher, Generation Unit, TNB Research, Malaysia

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Forecasting and Component Investigation of Respirable Particulate Matter (PM10 and PM2.5) from Dust Dispersion

Ms. Radin Diana R. Ahmad, Principal Researcher, Built Environment and Climate Change Unit, TNB Research, Malaysia

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Maximizing Energy with Power to Gas

Mr. Alan Kneisz, Director Business Development, Hydrogenics Corp., Canada

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Reduction of Biomass Gasification Power Plant Maintenance Problem using Catalysts Mixture of Coal Bottom Ash:Dolomite

Dr. Nor Fadzilah Othman, Principal Researcher, Renewable Energy Section, TNB Research, Malaysia

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Applications of secondary-battery technologies for realizing a low-carbon society

Dr. Tomohiko Ikeya, Associate Vice President, Materials Science Research Laboratory, CRIEPI, Japan

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Research of SOC Estimation Algorithm for LiFePO4 Battery based on Differential Curves

Mr. Shouping Xu, Senior Engineer, Energy Storage and Electrotechnics Department, China EPRI, China

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A study on detection of distribution facilities deterioration with the active thermography method

Mr. Akimori Matsuo, Chief , Customer Supply Network Group, Energy applications Research and Development Center, Chubu EPCO, Japan

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Early Detection and Localization of Thermal Faults from Acoustic Emission Measurement for TNB In-Service Power Transformers

Dr. Yasmin Hanum Md Thayoob, Senior Engineer, Asset Management (Strategy & Design Standard), Tenaga Nasional Berhad, Malaysia

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Closing Remarks

Dr. Zainul Asri Mamat, Managing Director, TNB Research, Malaysia

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Dr. Takao Watanabe, Secretary General, IERE Central Office

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