2017 IERE-TNB Putrajaya Workshop (Day 1)

Technologies reshaping the electricity supply industry

Nov. 20–23, 2017 Putrajaya, Malaysia

Opening Session


Opening Address

Dr. Sung Hwan Bae, Vice Chair of IERE, Presid ent of KEPCO Research Institute, Korea

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Welcome Address

Mr. Loo Kok Seng, Senior General Manager (Corporate Planning and Sustainability), TNB, Malaysia

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Keynote Addresses


Ocean Energy: The New Frontier in South East Asia

Prof. Omar Yaakob, Marine Technology Centre, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, Malaysia

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Session1 : The road to low carbon economy

Chair : Dr. Ming-Wei Yang, Senior Research Specialist, Taiwan Power Research Institute (TPRI), Taiwan


Technology Adoption Strategy for Improving Electricity Utility Company’s Performance

Dr. Zainal Arifin, Senior Manager, Technology Development and Standardization, PLN, Indonesia

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OSAKI CoolGen Project - Demonstration of Integrated Coal Gasification Fuel Cell Combined Cycle

Mr. Kazuya Egusa, Staff Deputy Manager, General Affairs & Planning Dept., Osaki CoolGen Corporation, Japan

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Improvement of CO2 Dissolution in Microalgae Culture by Applications of Nano-Material

Mr. Afifi Zainal, Researcher, Green Technology & Renewable Energy Unit, TNB Research, Malaysia

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Promoting Circular Economy to a Coal-fired Power Plant: Opportunities and Challenges

Ms. Liyana Yahya, Researcher, Green Technology & Renewable Energy, TNB Research, Malaysia

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Enhancement of Post-combustion Carbon Capture via Adsorption Technology

Ms. Noraziah Muda, Principal Researcher, Low Carbon Power Generation, Advanced Research Program, TNB Research, Malaysia

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Energy saving and CO2 reduction by boiler control optimization system "ULTY-V plus"

Dr. Toru Yamashita, Manager, Coal & Environment Research Laboratory, Coal Business Department, Idemitsu Kosan Co., Ltd., Japan

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Development of an Auto-Milling Control System to Improve Coal Power Plant Combustion Efficiencies

Mr. Hamdan Hassan, Specialist Combustion & Performance, Generation Unit, TNB Research, Malaysia

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Co-firing with a high-ratio of wood biomass to make the most existing coal-fired power plant

Ms. Emi Ohno, Manager, Boiler Basic Design Department, IHI Corporation, Japan

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Session2 : Customer experience at the heart of next generation operating model

Chair : Prof. Hideo Ishii, Waseda Univ., Japan


Smart Meter and Distribution Data Integration and Practices

Dr. Wenpeng Luan, Professor, Power Distribution Department, China EPRI, China

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Smart Energy House Project to aim at optimizing domestic energy consumption

Mr. Nobuhisa Sakai, Senior research engineer, R&D Center, Kansai EPCO, Japan

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Smart Sizing: A tool for long term planning of smart distribution networks

Mr. François Depierreux, Product Manager, Energy Transition, Tractebel Engineering Ltd., Thailand

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Wireless Virtual Private Network Technologies for Smart Distribution and Utilization Service

Mr. Delong Yang, Engineer, Information& communication Department, China EPRI, China

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Recent examples of efforts by low-carbon countries to expand their renewable energy growth rate

Dr. Joji Kawano, Deputy Senior Research Associate, Research Department, JEPIC, Japan

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