For Speakers

  • Call for Papers (closed)

    Abstract Submission: No later than February 17, 2023 March 17, 2023

    You are kindly invited to submit abstracts for the Oral Session or Poster Session for the 2023 Brisbane Hydrogen Workshop by e-mail by February 17 March 17, 2023.

    Session Themes submit to :
    Session 1.
    Hydrogen Supply

    [Please substitute "(at)" with "@"]

    IERE Central Office
    2-11-1 Iwado Kita, Komae-shi,
    Tokyo 201-8511, Japan
    Phone: +81-3-5438-1717
    Fax: +81-3-3488-5100

    Session 2.
    Hydrogen Storage and Distribution
    Session 3.
    Hydrogen Utilization
    Session 4.
    Cross-Cutting Areas

    Speakers are requested to submit their presentation (PowerPoint) file by April 28, 2023.

    • *Session structure is subject to change according to the submission of contributions.
    • *You may be asked to change your Oral/Poster depending on the number of abstracts registered.
    • *There is a possibility we ask you to change from Oral Session to Poster Session in accordance with the number of submission of abstracts.
    • *Abstract and presentation material will be uploaded to IERE's website and open to the public.
    • *The official language of the IERE Workshop is English.

    Note: This workshop has been postponed three times due to COVID-19. Those who have submitted abstracts in the past are required to submit new ones again according to the new session theme.

  • Submission Items & Deadline

    For Presentation

    Speakers are requested to contact IERE Central Office by e-mail. Deadline of submission items for speakers is as follows:

    Items Deadline Details submit to:
    1. Format 2: Abstract March 17, 2023

    [Please substitute "(at)" with "@"]

    2. Format 3: Speaker's Information April 28, 2023
    3. Format 4: Copyright Permission April 28, 2023
    4. Presentation Slides (PowerPoint file) April 28, 2023
    • * Presentation file will be uploaded to IERE website and opened to all participants before the Workshop.
    • * The official language of the IERE Workshop is English.
    For Registration

    » Please refer to Register /Submission Items

  • Information on Presentation

    Oral Session:
    • Speakers may only use PowerPoint files for their presentations.
    • Speakers at all sessions are required to arrive at the session at least 15 minutes in advance of the first paper and be seated at the front of the room.
    • Speakers are expected to get in contact with the Session Chair and confirm the PowerPoint files before the session begins.
    • The session room will be equipped with a laptop computer loaded with Microsoft software and an LCD projector.
    • Each presentation is strictly limited to 20 minutes max, which includes approximately 5 minutes Q&A.
    • Abstract and PowerPoint files for the presentations are uploaded on IERE's website approximately one week before the workshop for participants to download.

      IERE will post the presentations on the IERE website after the workshop for general public viewing.

    Poster Session:

    There is no poster session in this Workshop.


    The official language of the IERE Workshop is English.