For Speakers

Call for Papers

Abstract Submission: No later than February 16, 2024
Abstract Submission Due Date Extended until March 15, 2024

You are kindly invited to submit abstracts for the Oral Session or Poster Session for the 2024 San Antonio Energy Transition Workshop by e-mail.

Session Themes submit to :
Session 1.
Advanced Power Cycles

[Please substitute "(at)" with "@"]

Session 2.
Energy Transport
Session 3.
Energy Storage
Session 4.
Cross-Cutting Decarbonization Technologies
Session 5.
  • Speakers are requested to submit their presentation (PowerPoint) file.
  • *Session structure is subject to change according to the submission of contributions.
  • *There is a possibility we ask you to change from Oral Session to Poster Session in accordance with the number of submission of abstracts.
  • *Abstract will be posted on the IERE website and open to the public.
  • *Presentation Slides will be posted on the IERE website and open to IERE members and Workshop participants.
  • * The official language of the IERE Workshop is English.
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