Technology Foresight

New Project

Main purpose of the Technology Foresight project

IERE has started the next IERE in-depth research on hydrogen. The main purpose of this project is to share the hydrogen related information in order to foster collaboration among members. In total 14 IERE member companies join the project. This project consists of three phases. The targets of each phase are as follows:

  • Phase 1 - Scouting
    Share the international perspective on current status of technology, market and R&D and identify most relevant technology – market combinations.
  • Phase 2 - Research
    Focus on the future perspectives and the most relevant R&D demand and collaboration opportunities.
  • Phase 3 - Collaboration
    Develop collaborative hydrogen related projects.

RWE Technology International, our regular member, will lead the "Phase 1" which will be completed at the beginning of 2020.
Participating members are 14 from 11 countries. Four Working Packages (WPs) are prepared and each member is expected to contribute to some of the WPs.

14 IERE member companies join the project

Technology - Market evaluation on Hydrogen worldwide


International state of the art technology - market perspective from industries for industries

Techno-economic evaluation

  • Technology solutions/ -supplier
  • costs and cost-reduction potential

Market opportunities

  • value pools
  • Utilisation of H2 & by-products


  • Political / Regulatory frameworks
  • Relevant funding programs and volumes
  • national targets

Future perspective

  • Aggregating and analysing findings: Interpretation and guidance for indications for Innovation, Research & Development and business opportunities



Mar. 2020
Phase 1 completed (to be continued to Phase 2 and 3.)
Nov. 2019
Spet. 30 2019
Kick off meeting - Done
Feedback - Closed
Aug. 6 2019
Invitation to the in-depth research on hydrogen - Closed