About Us


Benefits for Members

  • Best Practice benchmarking of R&D management
  • Guidance for R&D transition management
  • Excavation of Technological Issues and their Solutions
  • Access to global decision makers
  • Incorporation in the worldwide database of Centers of Excellence
  • R&D coordination among members such as exchange visit, datum, etc.
  • Access to member limited Website & Share advanced technologies
  • Reduced fees for IERE Activities

Membership Categories

The IERE is open to all organizations and individuals who are willing to cooperate in international information exchange related to the electricity service industry R&D. It aims at setting up a unique common platform that realizes breakthroughs and collaborations all around the world.

Members are invited from a broad spectrum of entities: electricity service industries, related R&D institutes, private and government research institutes, universities, and manufacturers.

If you are interested in joining member, please feel free to contact us.

Members Category